Community Service Juveniles

Mission Statement

WE ENGAGE: To work in collaboration with the District Court Judges and the CDW in implementing the community services program for Grant County Juveniles. We believe that a sustained commitment by our office is the best way to make a significant difference in the lives of our youth.

MORE PEOPLE: Our goal is to engage the youth in volunteering to reconnect them to their community and its resources. Ultimately we want volunteering to become a way of life beyond their hourly requirements.

MORE EFFECTIVELY: It is important for the youth to be engaged in worthwhile activities that make a difference. Our role is to provide appropriate knowledge, skills and tools for the youth to be effective citizens.

IN VOLUNTEER SERVICE: Social problems require a human connection established by volunteering. The Community Service Program strives to provide alternative outlets for our youth to learn structure, accountability and decrease recidivisms in the court system.

TO HELP SOLVE: We believe that Community Service is an effective part of the Juvenile program. We help to solve serious juvenile social problems by coordinating local volunteer activities. We believe in our youth and take an active role in promoting justice and the common good.