Conservation District

KACD logo with white background

KACD logo with white background

The Grant County Conservation District is a part of the Kentucky Division of Conservation, which is in the Kentucky Department for Natural Resources, which is in the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet, of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. It is a local unit of government formed in June 1941; the 6th district in the state of Kentucky.

The programs offering cost incentives are based on identifying conservation resource problems and issues from the planning process. Land use planning of Natural Resources is a must, with intent to correct the issues and protect natural resources specific to the conservation of soil and water

resources. These Programs include the Environmental Quality Incentive Program (EQIP) Conservation Reserve Buffer Program (CRP). These programs provide financial help to implement conservation strategies identified in the planning and evaluation process but only if you have developed a conservation plan first.

Conservation Cost Incentive programs include; Animal Waste Control Facilities, Rotational Grazing and Livestock Water Systems. Pasture and Hayland Plantings (Non-Fescue or Brome grass species); Heavy Use Protection Areas and etc: All conservation program practices are competitively funded for the best conservation benefit of priority resources. All cost incentives are based on a flat rate incentive for the practice(s)