Life in Grant County


“What sets Grant County apart from the rest of Kentucky is our people.”



On behalf of the official family of Grant County, and the wonderful people who are proud to call this community home, I would like to welcome you and thank you for visiting the Grant County electronic homepage.

Grant County is a beautiful community located just south of the hustle and bustle of greater Cincinnati, and just north of the hustle and bustle of Lexington.

We are proud to be home of the gentle rolling hills, lush agricultural land, and horse and cattle farms that have made Kentucky famous. Grant County is also home to national logistic firms and manufacturing corporations.

We are fortunate to be the home of multiple recreational lakes. Move from one end of the county to the other by rail, and easy access to the interstate with five interstate interchanges along I-75.

In July 2016, the Ark Encounter opened in Grant County. This is the largest wooden structure in the world as phase one of the internationally recognized religious based theme park opened.

What sets Grant County apart from the rest of Kentucky is our people. Grant County is home to hardworking individuals who have built their lives, and their families, focused on hard work, determination, and a vision for a brighter future.

This site is intended to provide you with the baseline information about a great community on the path to growth. If you have additional questions, we welcome your inquiries and hope that we can work with you to show you just why this community is different from most, with our quality of people.

Thank you again for visiting. God bless and we hope you will visit us soon!