Grant County Tax Administrator

The Grant County Tax Administrator oversees Business Licensing, the Payroll/Occupational Tax, the Transient Room Tax, and Short Term Rental Property applications.

Grant County Tax Administrator: Colton Simpson

Phone: (859) 823-7561


Necessary Forms and Applications:

Grant County Business License Application

Occupational Tax Return Form

2018 Reconciliation Form

2019 Reconciliation Form

Transient Room Tax Return

Short Term Rental Property Application


-Who must register with the Tax Administrator?

Every person or business who provides services to another person or business for compensation is required to complete a Business License Application for the Grant County Occupational Tax Administrator.  The completed application will provide information needed for a Business License as well as for the Occupational Tax.  The Business License Application can be found above.


-What is the fee for a Business License?

The fee for a Business License will be paid pursuant to a tiered Fee Schedule based on the number of Employees that are employed by each business.  Grant County Business Licenses expire on December 31st of each year, and must be renewed by January 31st of each year.  

Tier Number 1:  If your business has 0 to 5 employees, the annual license fee shall be $25.

Tier Number 2: If a business has 6-10 employees, the annual license fee shall be $50.00.

Tier Number 3: If a business has 11-25 employees, the annual license fee shall be $100.

Tier Number 4: If a business has more than 25 employees, the annual license fee shall be $200.


-What is the Occupational/Payroll Tax Rate?

The Rate for the Grant County Occupational Tax is 1.5% of an employee’s gross wages.


-Where do I pay?

All checks must be made payable to the Grant County Fiscal Court.

Address: 101 N Main Street, Suite #3, Williamstown Ky, 41097


-When do I pay?

The Grant County Occupational Tax will be paid Quarterly.

Quarter-End: March 31st     Return Due: April 30th

Quarter-End: June 30th       Return Due: July 31st

Quarter-End: Sept. 30th      Return Due: Oct. 31st

  Quarter-End: Dec. 31st       Return Due: Jan 31st


-What if I have overpaid this tax?

If you have overpaid, a written request for a refund must be presented to the Office of the Tax Administrator within 2 years of the overpayment.

For additional information, please see the Occupational Tax Ordinance, and the Business License Ordinance at the top of this page.