Planning Commission

Listed below are the county’s appointees only.
Needs approval of Fiscal Court-Administrator is employed by the Commission.
Holds meetings on the 4th Monday of each month at 7:00PM

Becky Ruholl (Interim Zoning Administrator)
John Lawrence (Chairman)
City of Williamstown, Exp. 12/2022
Danny Bates
Fiscal Court, Exp. 12/2019
Marlon Kinsey – VCH
Fiscal Court, Exp. 10/2019
Carl King
Fiscal Court, Exp. 11/2019
Marvin Faulkner
Fiscal Court, Exp. 11/2022
Angela Jacobs
City of Williamstown, Exp 01/2023
Pike Caskey
City of Williamstown, Exp 01/2023
Darren Spahr
City of Williamstown, Exp 08/31/2022
Howard Brewer, Jr.
City of Dry Ridge, Exp 09/2019
Clay Parks
City of Dry Ridge, Exp 12/31/2022
Nancy Duley
City of Crittenden, Exp 06/2021
Karen Boyd
City of Corinth, Exp 01/2022