What we offer…

The Grant County Conservation District offers the following annual educational opportunities:

Field Trip Transportation Funding
Outdoor Classroom Grants
Jim Claypool Art & Conservation Writing Contest 100% classroom/school participation funding
Jim Claypool Art & Conservation Writing Contest Banquet Awards
Arbor Day Tree deliveries to Grant County’s five elementary schools
Soil Stewardship Week materials distributed to the Public and school libraries in Grant County
Two College Scholarships for High School Graduates
Two Vocational Scholarships for students pursuing careers in Vocational Education
Project Graduation supported at two local high schools
Kentucky Association of Conservation Districts’ Auxiliary Scholarship Fund donation
Northern Kentucky University Grant County Foundation for Higher Education funding
NKU Grant County Center Non-Traditional Scholarships
North Central 4-H Camp Grant
Camp Robert Webb funding

State Cost Share Applications

The Grant County Conservation District is now accepting 2023 State Cost Share applications. The Kentucky State Cost Share Program provides financial assistance to agricultural producers to install agricultural best management practices. These practices include heavy use area(s), fence, pipeline and tank, tree and shrub establishment, and other related practices. Practices can be adopted on both conventional and organic productions.

State Cost Share offers 75% reimbursement of installation costs for eligible practices, up to $20,000 annually. This is a competitive application process for the dispersal of cost share funds statewide. The last day the Grant County Conservation District can enter applications completed with technical information provided by NRCS (Natural Resources Conservation Service) into the online system is by close of business on November 15th 2022. Producers must have an up to date Agricultural Water Quality Plan. Plans need to be updated as of December 2020. Conservation districts can work with producers to complete their Agricultural Water Quality Plans. Please visit the Kentucky Division of Conservation’s website at https://eec.ky.gov/Natural-Resources/Conservation/ for more information. If you have any questions, please contact Rebecca Peddicord (Grant County Conservation District) at 859-823-2291 or rebecca_peddicord@wkybb.net

The Grant County Conservation District is a part of the Kentucky Division of Conservation, which is in the Kentucky Department for Natural Resources, which is in the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet, of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. It is a local unit of government formed in March 1941; the sixth district in the state of Kentucky.

The Grant County Conservation District provides education and leadership in matters of soil and natural resources. The wise use of conservation planning and management of resources is encouraged on lands used for agricultural production, forestry, and wildlife management as well as protection of soil and water resources on non-agricultural lands, both public and private.

An elected Board of seven Supervisors

administers the Grant County Conservation District programs. The current Board of Supervisors consists of Timothy T. Epperson as Chairman, Billy E. Courts as Vice-Chairman, Jerry L. Martin as Secretary/Treasurer, Ronald D. Gabbert, and James Travis Woodyard.

Kim Barton, Area Field Representative, provides administrative assistance from the Kentucky Division of Conservation.  Rebecca Peddicord, the District’s Administrative Secretary administers the organization and implementation of the District’s business and programs.

Through a partnership with the USDA

 Natural Resources Conservation Service, technical assistance (conservation planning, rotational grazing systems, wildlife habitat improvement, forestry practices, animal waste control, nutrient management, storm water runoff, drainage, erosion, sediment control, and other conservation needs) is provided to Grant County producers. For information on Federal Programs such as EQIP – Environmental Quality Incentives Program, please contact Ian Young, Supervisory District Conservationist with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) at 859-234-2646 or ian.young@usda.gov

Each fall the Grant County Conservation District

sponsors a local cost share program for Grant County producers to help with the cost of sowing wheat, rye or other cover crop seed. The Grant County Conservation District Local Cost Share pays 60% of the total cost of the cover crop seed that was used, up to a maximum of $300.00 per Farm Service Number.

Equipment Rentals

The Grant County Conservation District promotes conservation by providing the following three equipment rentals: a Blue Ribbon plastic mulch layer was purchased for use in county gardens to lay plastic on the ground and secure it with soil. The mulch layer is leased through Board Supervisor, Ronnie Gabbert for a daily fee of $50.00. A no-till seeder is rented by farmers and landowners on a minimal fee-per-acre basis of $10.00 an acre or $50.00 whichever is greater. The seeder is leased through Crittenden Farm Lawn and Garden. The District’s lime spreader is leased through the Grant County Conservation District Office for a daily fee of $50.00. A lime spreader aids local producers in amending steep hillsides that commercial spreaders cannot reach. In 2022, the District purchased a new no-till seeder and a chain drag which will be  available for rent in the next several months.

The Grant County Conservation District

has created a Dead Animal Removal Program for Grant County landowners/farmers that contact a licensed hauler within 24 hours after the death of livestock to schedule a pickup. Animals that are eligible for the program are cows, goats, hogs, horses, and sheep. The landowners/farmers will be required to pay the total cost of the hauler’s bill and bring their paid receipts to the District Office at 486 Helton Street, Williamstown, Ky. 41097 for 100% reimbursement. The program will continue until funds are exhausted. For dead animal pickup and instructions for removal, please contact either Conboy Enterprises, LLC at 859-221-6998 or Shipley & Sons Farms at 513-309-6658. This program is made possible through a grant from the Kentucky Division of Conservation State Cost Share Environmental Program and a budgeted item of the Grant County Conservation District. For questions concerning the program, please contact the Grant County Conservation District at 859-823-2291. All programs and services are offered on a non-discriminatory basis.